VTV News deploys ETERE PAM and Archive for AVID

VTV News deploys ETERE PAM and Archive for AVID

20 May 2015

ETERE is now on board the VTV for the archiving of news, television programs and more. A new role as PAM other than MAM

Etere announce that VTV I-News, a news production group part of Vietnam TV, has chosen an Etere solution to archive material for broadcast in Vietnam. VTV I-News recently brought in Etere systems to archive and restore files edited with Avid software, such as news, television programs and other editing projects.
The AVID integration deployed at VTV I-News is based on a MERP Cloud component, I-news connector, which provide users with the following features:
■ Moving files and project to the archive
■ Retrieve files and projects from the archive
■ Preservation of original information across the entire archiving process
■ Tight integration of ETERE workflow solutions with Avid products
■ Packaging and delivery support to export projects

The Etere transcoder helps VTV convert Avid Video from MXF OPAtom to MXF OP1A or MPG4 for lower-res browsing. The Etere Transcoder is a robust transcoder based on the powerful conversion tool and has functions to decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux and filter almost any media used in the broadcast industry. For transcoding, the MXF OP1A is distributed to all the potential users of VTV.
Most importantly, Etere also controls a large LTO library for long term archiving with our data solutions. The broad suite of Etere modules include Etere MAM to provide lifecycle content and metadata management with comprehensive and customizable layouts aimed to streamline content cataloguing and distribution and Etere Data Mover to easily exchange media and metadata with other systems. Additionally, the VTV production chain will be streamlined with the availability of desktop and web-accessible interfaces.
A consistent solution will manage the entirety of VTV programmes from proposals through scheduling to invoicing and reporting; from their acquisition with Etere Ingest and Etere Tapeless Reception to their playout with Etere Automation and Etere STMan. Said Fabio Gattari, head of Sales in the Asia Pacific, "Our web services have taken integration a step forward by making available Etere data and functions to Non-Etere systems, streamlining the VTV production process."

Etere - a consistent system

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