EA1311 Etere LTO and ODA Drive License

02 July 2021

Etere interfaces LTO and ODA drives for all your media production and archival needs.

Etere eliminates technical barriers and provides an easy way to interface with Linear Tape-Open (LTO) and Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) drives for all your long-term data storage and protection needs. The drives need to be hosted in a library. For an easy management, the centralized console of Etere HSM allows users to manage all archives in a single integrated library, including a mix of proprietary and/or industry file systems such as Linear Tape-Open (LTO) storage, Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage, Disk Archive, Object Storage and Cloud Storage. Etere HSM supports Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid storage architectures to provide you with the best flexibility.

Etere Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Drive
LTO is a scalable, adaptable open tape format that is optimized for high capacity, maximum storage density and performance. Etere's open interoperability gives you the capability to manage your LTO library directly from Etere modules and it is compatible with all LTO generations including LTO2-LTO8. Not only that, Etere's future-ready characteristics ensure that your system adapt to broadcast standards even as they evolve.

Etere Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Drive
ODA is a disk storage technology produced by Sony Corporation. Sony's enterprise optical disc archive solution provides a secure, immutable data preservation for a wide variety of applications and industries. Etere sets a new standard of flexibility with Etere Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) Driver that gives you full control of your ODA library directly from Etere interface. Its seamless and user-friendly interface is designed to enhance operational efficiency.

Key Features
■ Interface to drives can be SCSI/SATA/FC
■ LTO and ODA Drives are integrative with Etere HSM which supports a mix of proprietary and/or industry file systems
■ Robot control with a single cable
■ Tapes can be formatted on SMPTE 2034 or LTFS
■ Uses a cache to speed up operation and defrag the tape
■ Compatible with LTO2-LTO8
■ Compatible with all ODA drives
■ Easy to use
■ Future-ready and adaptable to the latest industry standards
■ Mixed media management, able to use tapes of different generations

Driver Licensees for all your Professional Media Production Needs
Etere understands that each equipment has its own characteristics and thus, Etere provides a specific Driver License for each of them. EA1311 licence is valid for one drive, multiple licenses are needed if the library has multiple drives.

With Etere, you get the best returns for your investments!